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The 1st International Workshop on Search-Based Software Testing, will be held in conjunction with the 1st IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST 2008). The workshop will provide:

Call for Papers

Search-based software testing is the use of random or directed search techniques (hill climbing, genetic algorithms etc.) to address problems in the software testing domain. There has been an explosion of activity in the search-based software testing field of late, particularly in the test data generation field. Recent work has also focused on other aspects such as model-based testing, real-time testing, interaction testing, testing of service-oriented architectures and test case prioritization.

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit short (5 pages) or full papers (10 pages) to the workshop, describing original research, experience or tools.

Papers should address a problem in the software testing domain and should approach the solution to the problem using a search strategy. Search-based techniques are taken to include (but are not limited to) random search, local search (i.e. hill climbing, simulated annealing etc.), evolutionary algorithms (i.e. genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, genetic programming), ant colony optimization and particle swarm optimization.

While experimental results are important for research papers, contributions that do not contain results, but rather present new approaches, concepts and/or theory will also be considered.

Papers will appear online in the IEEE digital library, along with the rest of the proceedings for ICST 2008.

Extended version of papers from the workshop will be eligible for the special issue of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering on Search-Based Software Engineering (to appear in 2009).


The program will feature a keynote from Mark Harman (King's College, London) entitled "Testability Transformation for Search-Based Testing".

There will be a workshop dinner, and there 3 prizes of 100-1000 EUR for best papers and presentations, sponsored by the EvoTest project (http://evotest.iti.upv.es/) and the following companies: DaimlerChrysler AG, RILA Solutions, Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH and European Dynamics. See the prizes page for more information.

If you have any queries, please contact the chair: Phil McMinn email: