The Search-Based Software Testing (SBST) Workshop

Steering committee members

Following the 2014 event, it was decided that a formal steering committee would be formed, consisting of the organizing chairs from the last five years of workshops. After every workshop, the latest organizing chairs join the committee, replacing the organizers from five years ago. The current membership is as follows:

Name Location Term
Gregory Gay USA 2015–2020
Giuliano Antoniol Canada 2015–2020
Phil McMinn (chair) UK 2014–2019
Mark Harman UK 2014–2019
Simon Poulding Sweden 2014–2018
Tanja Vos Spain 2014–2018
John Clark UK 2014–2017
Wasif Afzal Sweden 2014–2017
Myra Cohen USA 2014–2016
Andrea Arcuri Norway 2014–2016